How Long Do I Treat Mycoplasma With Antibiotics?


11 Years
Feb 18, 2011
Myrtle Point, OR
Hi, my flock has Mycoplasma. The first hen started getting sick about 4 weeks ago, She is still in my house in a tote,I took her to a vet and she had lab tests done that tested positive for Mycoplasma. She is able to talk a lot better and doesn't cough or sneeze anymore. She is also laying eggs again.When is it safe to let her out with the others?
I have treated them with Duramycin 10 at 800 mg for a week, I am out of Duramycin and am going to start using Tetroxy.

I have 5 others that are sick and separated from the others, I think one more sounded froggy today. They are all on antibiotics, When is it safe to put them back together?

I plan to have a closed flock, I have invested so much time and money with these birds and am attached to them, I don't want to cull them and know that they could get sick again,.

How long will it take for them to start showing improvement? Most of the symptoms are loud, gurglling breathing, sneeze/coughing and hoarse voice.

How long should I treat with Tetroxy? The vet said to treat for 2 weeks with Tetracycline. It is kind of hard to find and I bought Tetroxy. If they are all on antibiotics can I let my sick girl in the house out with the others since she has improved?

I have a book that says many Mycoplasmosis infections are complicated by secondary infections. It says oxytetracycline (I think thats what tetrox is) treatment for 7 days for Mycoplasma Gallisepticum. It also says the antibiotics may alleviate signs and lesions but does not eliminate the infction. Your vet is the best resorce. Apparently there is more than one type of Mycopasma infection, another lists a vaccine to prevent the spread, but says that the birds will still be carriers.

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