how long do they need it???


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How long do chicks need a light over them inside? mine are 7 weeks old and i have them iside with a light over they need it? it only gets like down in the 50s inside...
I have read in books and on here, that by 3 weeks they can regulate their own temps. i would think by 7 weeks they should be well feathered. Are they?

I did read that you start new chicks off at 95 deg under heat lamps and each week lower the temps by 5 degrees. So at 7 weeks I would think they wouldn't need heat lamps anymore. but would need natural light, like from the sun.....maybe keep them by a window?
so whats the coldest a 7 week old leghorn and 3 6 week old silkies could be happy outside at night? it gets maybe like in high 30s and 40s....never below 35 though so no freezing!
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you should put them out for a few hours and just make sure your monitoring them. if they have a bad reaction to the weather bring them back inside. i doubt that will be a problem, they should be fully feathered. at about that age,they can maintain theyre own body heat

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