How long does it take Corid to work.. should I ever be using Corid?


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Aug 16, 2015
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Hi everyone.

Two days ago, I lost two Svart Hona chicks.. It was so sudden! They were fine the night before and the morning of.. but when I checked in the afternoon, two were dead. Today, the same thing happened.. two passed - both Svart Hona's. Then I noticed one of my Swedish Flower Hens really weak.. that developed to wry neck. I thought the chick would die for sure by now since it was so weak, but it's a fighter! Now my Silver Spitzhauben is very weak and can barely stand. I also notice that some of them have "pasty-butt" often. I check them everyday and remove it immediately under warm water, gently.

They were eating, drinking, and pooping normally. In fact, the one with wry neck had a normal poop.. although it was small since it has not ate.
At first, I thought it was because I had 5 rambunctious 4 week olds with my 5 days old. On both occasions, I heard a loud "plop" like one of them flew or jumped and then saw dead chicks a few hours later. However, my Spitzhauben was fine when the other two died.. then suddenly it became really weak an hour or two ago.

I immediately ran out and bought some Corid. I also bought some Oxytetracycline (SP?). I read somewhere not to mix them together, so I'm holding off on the Oxy right now.
I took a syringe and gave the chick with wry neck a few CC's and it opened it's eyes. First time in a few hours. It's still breathing really hard. I also gave the Spitzhauben a few CC's but it's just laying there. I put the solution in their waterer and the rest have drank from it.

I also bought two huge 24in x 18in cardboard boxes and taped them together to house the 4 week old for now.

My question is, how long does it take the effects of Corid to show? Should I also give them Save-A-Chic Vitamins and Electrolytes? When should I give them the Oxytetracycline?

Everyone else is very healthy! They have pine bedding that I bought from Petco for rabbits and I change it weekly. I give them fresh water everyday. They also get fresh chick starter twice a day. Everyone is able to reach the food as I have a huge 3 quart waterer and large round galvanized feeder with 8 holes in it. The temperature of the brooder is 95 at the hottest area and of course it fades, than there is an area that the heat lamp does not reach. They are not anywhere near a draft area. I give them Save-A-Chic as a preventative 3x weekly.


Jun 25, 2015
I'm sure one of our more experienced members will post shortly that can give better advice..

But I'm a little confused as to why you bought Corid and already administered it? Have you seen blood or very runny poo? Do you have the powder or liquid Corid?

When you use Corid, that's the only thing they can have mixed in their water for 5-7 days. I believe for the powder it's 1 tsp per gallon made fresh daily. Then you do a wk of probiotics only in the water then another 3-5 days of 1/2 tsp powder Corid only. I've only used Corid for Coccidia but there were definite symptoms of it and improvement in a few days.
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