how long does it take for a bantam to lay all her eggs?


5 Years
Sep 20, 2014
my little bantam hen started laying for the first time 13days ago she now has 11 eggs, she turns them daily but still doesn't sitt.
they are all fertile, so I was wanting to know if they will go bad before she starts to sitt?.
She may never sit. Some hens never go broody. Any that are a week to 10 days old are probably no longer viable depending on your climate. You should mark them so you can remove old eggs.
Eggs for hatching should be in relatively high humidity and kept between 50 and 60 degrees optimally.
Another thing to consider is that it's not advisable to incubate pullet eggs. They aren't big enough for the embryo and there isn't enough nutrition in them.
thank you for the info! I live in Texas and we are in a drought here, and it cools down to like 80 at night! hot, hot, hot!

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