How long does it take new chicks to dry?

buckaroo's wife

10 Years
Dec 10, 2009
North Central Texas
I have 18 eggs set to hatch two weeks from today. I candled today and saw movement in 17/18, so I feel like that is pretty good! I work full time M-F, and I'm just wondering how long the newly hatched chicks can stay in the incubator (in case they start early and hatch on friday??) I just hope they stick to my schedule, HAHA
They can stay in there almost 3 days. They only take a few hours to dry so you can take them out sooner, but don't worry one bit about leaving them in there too long if you're only at work.
They will all but play football with the other eggs but I don't think it hurts anything if they do. In fact some say that it might make the others hatch better. Sort of a "hurry up!"
HA! I'm a first timer (could you tell?!
) and this waiting game is driving me nuts! I have two weeks to go!
I had 4 of 12 hatch successfully. Naturally under a broody Rhode Island Red. Once they hatched, she abandoned the last 3 eggs. I left them for 2 days and was going to throw them out. Then 1 started chirping at me. I put them in a box with a heat lamp. It's almost finished hatching, but still has the cord attached. 1 of the eggs wasn't fertile (after candling), and I'll leave the last egg a few more days to see what happens.

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