How long does it take to hatch? Need help!


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After an egg has pipped, no beak showing just cracked shell but can't see in yet, how long do you wait before you intervene? I just helped one out and I have 2 more that have been this way since at least 7:30 this morning. So its going on 10 plus hours. This is my first time but the one I helped was really wadded up and the membrane seemed to be tough. He had been rocking and peeping this morning but had stopped rocking. So far so good. He is still drying out. I'm just don't know if I should help the others or wait? I have read the sticky, but would like more of a time frame. I don't know if this thing takes 24 hours or what. The one that hatched by himself was out in about 4-5 hours. Help, please.
It's not unusual for it to take 24+ hours. If you intervene too soon they may not have absorbed the yolk yet and will die. I know it's hard, but you need to give them time to do it on their own.
I'm in agreement with can take 24 hours for them to pip and then crack open the egg...its called zipping...they are taking their first breaths of air and resting.....
Yep... I had one pip at noon yesterday... finally popped out about 8:30am today. Just gathering strength.
I have 3 successful hatches, but one who pipped 72 hours ago and has not hatched. He is peeping and has only a dime size hold in the shell. Is this an emergency?
I am with you guys. I just have to learn patients this little guys has pipped this morning, but nothing he is chirping though. I also have one that pipped on the wrong end. Good luck to all..

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