How long fertile?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by livininbrazil, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Hi, I got a turkey hen a couple of weeks ago, sweet little thing, was in acage all on her own, so I brought her home. I´´ve no idea of her back-ground, age or anything. She´s started to lay. My question is, if she´d been with a tom before I got her, which is at least 2 weeks ago, could she still be fertile? Could I leave her to try to incubate, or just forget it? I´ve tried to get a tom for her, but no joy as yet.
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    She could still have sperm inside her if they mated recent to your getting her. Worth a try! I read an article once that said it was possible for a hen to retain sperm for up to 17 weeks! I would not think that long is probable! I would give it a try?
  3. livininbrazil

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    OK, thanks for that. I´ll leave her to get on with it, then. Mabe she´ll be able to make her own little companions.
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    Ok, well she´s been sitting on 9 eggs for nearly a week. I´ll pop a couple of chicken eggs under her on Monday just in case she doesn´t manage to hatch out any poults, then at least she´ll have something to look after! I´ll let you know if anything comes of her eggs. I had her without a male for 3-4 weeks when she started to sit.
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    You can candle the eggs. If you are new to candling wait until about 10-14 days for the easiest view. GOod luck.
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    OK, that´s a good idea. That´ll be the end of next week, then. I´ll read up about it.
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    I believe you meant a cage, and if so. It would be pretty difficult for her to be fertile if that were the case!

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