How long for Bantam eggs???


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I'm at about day 24 of what I thought was supposed to be 20-21 days for a small clutch of bantam cochin eggs...three actually. Momma has been setting well on them but the other day the lady at the feed store told me it would be 28 or so days. Can someone set me straight? And at what point past "the due date" do I dispose of the eggs. (the thought of that:hit)
I usually leave mine in for 23 days .
hope you get a chick or two
Hens only lay an egg a day.So take into consideration how many egg's she has if she layed them all herself.If you set the egg's under her from different hen's around same time they "should" hatch within a few days of each other.I generaly leave egg's in nest at least a week sometime's.Most of all the hen's I have ever had let me candle the egg's.But in major brooding sometime's was just too many to mess with and lef them do thing's naturaly.Most of the time good broody hen's will roll out non hatcher's or dud egg's.Some will break and Phew if you leave them too long.Hope you get lot's of babie's.My neighbor's White Rock has a clutch of about 8 mixed babie's a few week's old and they have been foraging down there they are so cute.Love the mama hen's with babie's.

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