How long in the nesting box

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  1. When hens lay eggs they sit in there nesting box for a while but I'm wondering it thr average time about 30 minutes because one of my hens have been in there for about 1 hour and no egg and sometimes when I go to look at her she sort of screams really loud
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    Different temperaments. We've some who rush, drop and rush out. Done. We've others who take their fine sweet time. As spring is coming, be on the watch for the possibility of broody tendencies as well.
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    Mar 20, 2012
    mine always are in there for an hour or two, and some who dont stay but 10 minutes.

  4. How do u know if they become broody and what is the reason for be coming broody
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    If they become broody it is because their instinct is to hatch eggs... some breeds are more prone to being broody than others... if you have chickens that insist in sitting in the nesting box.. despite having laid eggs or not... chances are they are broody and given the chance they will hatch chicks in 21 days... the choice is yours.
  6. Oh so it can happen to any hen at any time?
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    I have a brahma who's been sitting in an empty nesting box for a week now. We've moved her, relocated her, and tried to break her, but she always returns to her empty box. So sad. I've got eggs coming in another week or two.

    Can she hold out and hatch them, or should I put them in the bator?
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    depending on the hen, she will hold out. One of mine went broody december last year and is still broody[​IMG] and a yellow bantam I have went broody but only stayed for a week. Separate her at night (when its absolutely black out) and put her in her own area when the eggs get there. then set those eggs under her, if she decides to stop then put those eggs in the bator. never put too many under her, you will get a low hatch rate if she cant set on them all because they will be rotating in and out from under her chilling and reheating.
    and remember: its not a good idea to have her setting in with other chickens!

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