How long it takes to die from Marek?


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May 28, 2020
My chicken Chips has been paralized for a couple of weeks now. She eats and drinks but slowly is getting worse, now she cannot stand or even lay on the ground without loose balance and falling on her side.
I gave her vitamins and antibiotics but nothing seems to help. We hand feed her every day as she can not move to the food anymore.
The only thing I can think is Marek, but her initial symptoms are as almost 4 weeks ago. Any idea on the what I could do?

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Aug 14, 2020
North Central Florida
I agree, I just don’t have the courage, she is my favourite chicken…
I’ll inject a personal belief here and please take it or leave it in the kind spirit offered: if she is quiet and fairly comfortable let her finish her lifespan naturally. Be sure she is not covered in ants or annoyed by flies. That she is in a place with a comfortable temperature with no possibility of being trampled. Having her within range of sight of her flock is best, with precautions against contaminating anything if she does have Marek’s (though possible other chickens may already carry it). However long it takes is too long for those who love them but it’s her journey. Don’t interfere unless she is in anguish. Just offer feed and plain water until she is ready to go.

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