How long should goslings have a heat lamp?


Apr 26, 2020
I know that my goslings should be in the brooder for about 8 weeks. (I do take them out for walks). What I dont know is that for that whole time do they still have their heat lamp? It's been so hot here that I am afraid to over heat them! (90s)


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Jul 16, 2015
At those temperatures I wouldn't use any heat. Generally it's those first few weeks they need extra heat for temperatures below 80-85. I think I ran my heat lamp for two weeks 24/7 than only at night for another week or so before stopping. I moved mine out to my shed at 6-8 weeks.

I believe it's the same formula of 85-90 degrees the first week, than lower the temperature by 5 degrees a week until you hit ambient temperature whatever that is for you. Use your geese as your guide. If they are constantly under the light they are too cold. Happy geese move around, both below the heat, and away from it.


Jun 8, 2020
I think all that sounds exactly like what I've experienced with Grady. He's six weeks and I'm in Or. And he's been out from under the light completely maybe 2 weeks? He's in a brooder still but he free ranges with the chickens during the day and goes to bed about 6.
I removed the light completely when I noticed him not wanting to really be under it anymore. He started being at the side of the brooder by the water where it's coolest so that's when i knew.

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