How long should I keep my new ducks inside before letting them free range?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by NWalker87, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. NWalker87

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    Oct 2, 2012
    Alexandria, Ohio
    I have had my male Rouen since the end of May, and my female wandered off about two weeks ago, and has never returned. I just purchesed 3 more ducks, 1 (16wk old) Indian Runner, and 2 (6-8 wek old) Call ducks, they are a very interesting group but they are getting along great. I am very nervous about letting them outside w/the chickens and turkeys, the drake whom I've had since May comes in the coop everynight with the chickens without any issue, I'm just afraid the new ducks won't do the same. How long should I wait before I let them free range?



  2. Amiga

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    All ducks do it differently, I have read that two weeks is recommended. I don't free range . . . too many risks . . . but I do take the ducks for walks outside the fenced areas. And our newest three are not yet walking with us. First, it is a slow go getting everyone to relax and just hang out together. Then, the new three have not ever integrated into a larger flock, to my knowledge, so they are a little skitterish. The way I could tell, last year, when two new ducks were ready to walk with the flock, was when the flock refused to go on their walk without the new girls. So the ducks let me know when the time was right.

    Meanwhile, I suggest you find the treats that these ducks like the most, and keep a handful on your person at all times at first. Bribes can be very useful in engendering cooperation.

    and welcome!

  3. DirtyAnkleDucks

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    Oct 29, 2012
    we usually keep our new ducks up for a couple days, then turn them loose to free range with the rest and never had a problem with any of them running off...if it is a breed that can fly, i would advise clipping their wings
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    I usually wait till they go into their night housing on their own or with minimal effort on my part before letting them free range. I've found that to be a good indicator.

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