How long should I leave eggs in the incubator for??

Sarah and Joey

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Nov 11, 2012
We've had some silky eggs in a incubator for just over 3 weeks now, we had 2 eggs hatch at 21 days (they are verrrrry cuuuuute)
We've left the remaining eggs in the incubator, we've done the light test with them and a few are very dark, where as others the light glows all the way through. They've now been in for 25 days.
Will these still hatch eventually??
How much longer should we leave them in there??
At 25 days, there's would seem to be very little chance. We normally only give them until day 23. We don't want the risk of an egg making a mess inside the incubator. Sorry.

21 days is normal. 22 days a overdue. 23 days is long enough to wait.

And welcome to BYC!!
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