How Long Should It Take A Duckling To Pip The Shell?

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    I had a momma scovy setting on eggs in the neighbors barn. We moved her for a safe hatch, and she quit setting. The eggs were ice cold for two whole days, and I figured that was that. I broke one to see how far they had gotten, and the duckling was still alive. I cried and cried! I still feel horrible! So I brought them in and put them in the bator. The eggs started to turn purpleish blue, so I figured they were rotten. Turns out, I've got 9 in there hatching right now. Some are even hatching from eggs that had large gross spots on them. How is that possible?

    Anyway, you can feel them moving and you can hear them peeping very loudly. It sounds as if they are right up against the wall of the egg, and they have been this way for 24 hours or more. When do I need to intervene? I have no way of knowing if the membrane is too dry, or why they havent even begun to crack the shell yet, so I'm getting nervous.
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    They usually holler when they are getting ready to pip. Once they are in place to pip, the hollerin stops and then you can start biting your nails!

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