How long to adjust to a new home?

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    Sep 21, 2009
    I just got my first 2 BR pullets - 16-18 wks old. They are "free ranging" in my 40' X 90' greenhouse. I have a box for them, but they don't use it. One of them roosts on a greenhouse table turned on its side ( so she's 4 feet up!!) The other goes somewhere where I can't find her at night. I'll try to watch her tomorrow at dusk. I have a light on at night over the box, feed, water and roost I made that they don't use, but neither "sleeps" in the light. Is it doing any good? Should I confine them at night? I got them on 11/12/09. Any advise would be helpful. These are my first two babies!!
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    It can take a few days to a few months for birds to get used to their new home depending on the bird and the accommodation.

    As long as the green house is secure from preds that like to eat them, they will go roost where they like and lay eggs where they like. They will prefer to roost up high like your table on the side, and lay eggs in nooks or corners. They are old enough to want to sleep in the dark so light isn't going to be necessary.

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