How long to keep injured chick separate from others?


Mar 28, 2015
Southern Tier, NY
Three days ago my dog got into the coop and as a result one of my 5 week old chicks was scalped on her right side. I can see the skull and I've been irrigating the wound, using Neosporin and blu kote once. She is in a dog crate inside the coop with the others.

When can I let her out with the others? The wound is healing well and she is such a trooper!

How long do I continue with the Neosporin/blue kote?
You can try letting her out, but watch closely and if anyone pecks more than once or twice at the wound I'd isolate her again. Blukote is supposed to hide the color of blood, but I've found that it can attract attention leading to pecking....and the bird it's on might well try to preen it off if it can reach it.

Once the new skin is covering the wound well,
and there's no sign of infection or significant irritation,
I'd not bother with the blukote or neo......
......kind of like a human wound.
Until it's healed.due to a chickens canibilistic nature(yes chicken is not a vegiterian)they will peck at it.
Thank you! I put her out with the others and not one peck! Still cleaning the wound up and adding blu kote to make sure its covered up. It was adorable to see how happy she was to see them. Her best friend Mulan was always by her side. There is new skin growing already.

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