How long to leave in the incubator?


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Hardinsburg, Ky
My 1st ever chick just hatched about 2 1/2 hours ago. I know I'm supposed to leave it til its dry, but was wondering about how long that usually takes? Its almost bedtime, & I definitely don't want to leave it TOO long, but don't want to take it out too soon either. Trying to decide a good time to set an alarm to get up and check?
It's dry now. The chick's fuzz has tiny little sheaths on it, similar to the shell of pinfeathers, just more delicate. Normally, those sheaths would rub off against the mother's feathers. Do you have any other eggs that are likely to hatch? The chicks will rub against each other, fluffing each other out. I have used an old toothbrush to fluff the fuzz out on occasion.

A lot of folks will caution you not to open the incubator until the hatch is probably over. Opening it now can let a lot of the humidity out, which can dry the soon-to-hatch eggs and cause problems for the chicks yet to hatch.
Ok thank you. My biggest concern was leaving it too long, but I did more research and saw that overnight was not going to be too long. And right at bedtime, another pip!!!! So, he/she is staying in, & should have company soon. Lol

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