How long to process (commercially) - how long would I be waiting?

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Mar 24, 2008
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I'm just wondering, if I take my 12 birds to a butcher (stationery or mobile), how long would I expect to wait while they are done? We have a portable butcher who comes highly recommended, and there are a few stationery places, too. In either case I would probably be getting in on a slaughter day where this is already in the works - I wouldn't have to include set up or take down in my wait time, and I believe they all have pluckers.

Thanks for any knowledge on this.

Edited to add - obviously, getting my turn in the processing might be part of the wait - but I was more looking for - how long does it take to process 12 chickens. I have never done this before, but it seems like each bird takes maybe 3-5 minutes including plucking with a machine?
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More than likely it will take them longer to set-up than to do the processing... my guess would be a half hour of set up time and about 15-20 minutes for twelve birds.

This would be with two people... as they usually work in groups of at least two.
An hour or 2, depending on how many they're doing and how much time between steps. Take a book and have a coke while they do thier thing.
I have processed a few birds and it still takes me like 30-40 minutes per bird (hand plucking included). I wish I could do it that fast.

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