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    Mar 14, 2008
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    Ok, I know this topic has been beat to death with a stick, but I have an egg that didn't hatch. It is on day 25. I candled last night, and saw a large airsac and movement. It is an EE, so with my crappy candler, I cannot see veins. Since I saw movement, should I let it continue? I don't feel movement when I held it (for all of 5 seconds or so). The airsac is a big ? though. It is too large compared to almost hatching chicks. Does this mean it is no good? Any thoughts? Thanks!!! Steph
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    Mar 25, 2008
    If you can still see movement then there is still hope! Don't give up on it yet. I've got several eggs in my bator right now that are developing large, misshaped air sacs for whatever reason, and MissPrissy told me that sometimes those chicks hatch and sometimes they don't. So hang in there a while longer, especially since there is movement. I hope that helps a bit and my fingers will be crossed for you and your chick! [​IMG]
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    Thanks! Last hatch my "left-overs" started seeping after 2 days, this one just kept going. I keep hoping, especially this am, I woke up and thought "please be a pip" since it is my B-day, and it has been a crappy one. Had to clean up dog vomit (from my 120lb wolf, yuck) then had a guilt trip from my brother, then my DH forgot my B-day. I just wanna crawl back to bed! [​IMG] Please pip for me baby! I need the boost!!!
  4. Quote:[​IMG] Happy Birthday to you!!! Please hatch baby!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Steph, I had 2 eggs last week that didnt hatch with the others (17 eggs) they really hatched from Tuesday am till Thursday pm had 2 left over no pips. Well I said to myself I'll give them till morning and if no pips I just throw them away. Since I had taken all of the live chicks out of the bator I just forgot about it all day Friday and it hit me that nite to check, and no pips. I take them out of the bator and candle them and one was moving very slow, and no movement on the other. I just cracked the top around the air cell pried the top off and there he was live and about half the size of the others I took a syringe and put some warm water around him because the humidity was 40 something. [​IMG] Got him out and put him back in the bator he is just even today and about 1/2 the size of the others. I think he was just small and too weak to pip. The other egg was a dead chick that just didn't pip and both had absorbed the yoke. I was just in time on one and too late for the other. [​IMG]
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    Here is wishing you good birthday vibes!

    p.s. My son would KILL for a wolf- hybrid puppy!(Even if it puked;)) I told him about you and he was soooooo jealous!

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