How long until grass grows back

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    I have my 13 girls in a decent sized yard. Its about 2400 sf and about 2/3 of it was full of lush grass. (This does not include their 10' x 40' run). I expected them to do some serious damage to the grass, but now it is getting to where I'm worried some of it won't grow back, some areas worse than others. I've decided to fence off half of the yard, where the grass is most prominent, and give it a break. Some areas are down to maybe 1/2 inch, other thicker areas, maybe a couple of inches. I also have a duck, that likes to root like a pig, and I know that she is doing some damage as well.I'm wondering how long does it take for the grass to grow back? I realize its a bit cold here, so the grass is probably still in a dormant state. Also, anyone rotate yards like this, and if so, any words of advice?

    Btw, I've had apx the same amount of chickens and the one duck on this yard for a couple of years, and this is the first time I've gotten to where I'm worried about the life of the grass. I also do not know the species of grass. It is a mixture of pasture type grass, weeds and some finer grass like the kind in nice lawns.
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    I would say that it would take a full season to get it back to a pre-chicken and duck state. I am guessing though, someone more knowledgeable is free to correct me.

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