How long until I can hold chick?


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
I have had to help babies out of their eggs before (a big no-no, I know, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else because if something went wrong I’d feel terrible), but I like what @TwoChicksChix said - best to wait until the rest are hatched UNLESS the chick is in distress or somehow harming the others.

I’ve also read that you aren’t supposed to handle the chicks too much when they’re little because they need their heat lamp, but I’m a true believer in handling chicks as much as possible to make them friendly, so I’ll put them in a ‘hot pocket’ (basically a fleece-lined pillow case) and put them on my lap so we can bond and they can stay warm .


Flying by the seat of my pants!
May 22, 2019
A cypress swamp in FL
I just hatched my first eggs,and am waiting for them to be "ready" too. I've got 2, O Shamos is the incubator now, and it's a breed I've literally had dreams about. Be patient... It'll be worth it. ;)

Congrats of the hatch! :D

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