How long until pullets lay regualr size eggs?


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Jul 26, 2008
Our girls just started to finally lay their first eggs last week, so my question is how many weeks until they lay regular sized eggs?
I've been wondering the same thing. Mine have been laying for several weeks(the younger ones only a couple of weeks, and not all of them yet), but the largest my egg scale measures them at is between small and med. Many don't even budge the scale yet, so they are "pee wee"! These are from SSs, SLWs, BOs, and Lt. Brahmas. I guess we just have to hang in there and wait.
Mine have been laying about a month. The size really varies with a double yolker topping the scales larger than a jumbo the same day I got a pee wee (about 3 wks in to laying). The change has been gradual in general. Now most of my eggs are med to lg. My hens in the order of starting to lay: WR; RIR. EE, Aus.

Since eggs keep a few weeks you might save a few to compare size in a couple of weeks.

I don't know when the size quits increasing, 'cause I hope mine get to large and ex large......not sure why, we can't eat all of these!!!
Very interesting - ours are Delaware and should be heading into the large-extra large arena - some are really small, but I notice the size tends to gradually increase with some of the eggs (after 2 weeks). Don't have time to weigh them this week - but just wondering what other folks are observing.
My hens have been laying over a month now and the Dominique still lays small eggs. The EE eggs have been large since the begining and the 2 Delware eggs vary from medium to large. I have 2 eggs that I'm not sure who are laying them and they are a small/medium, it's either the RIR or the RIR x Dom.
My Exchequer Leghorn just started laying on 9/11. She is still giving us bantam sized eggs, pointy on one end. I am hoping her eggs will get bigger soon, but at least I get one almost every day.
All birds are different, even when they come from the same hatch. Originally I got quite a few double yokers, but now every once in awhile. There is not exact timetable. Mine were laying for a couple of monthe or so before the eggs started getting larger. I still get a small egg now and then and they're over a year old now.
My rir has been laying for 12 days now and her eggs are teeny weenie. I have gotten 2 double yolkers from her that were a bit bigger though. My problem is saving enough to compare. I managed to save 2 of her eggs at most before I fry em up.

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