How long will 'moving stress' last?


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Apr 16, 2013
I got 5 chooks just over 2 weeks ago now. The leghorn is laying every second day but nothing from any of the other 4 so far. ( 1 araucana, 2 Sussex and 1 Orpington/Australorp - not sure which she is) There have been small white feathers around so I think one of the Sussex hens has gone into a molt, but it's not obvious which yet. I've been on an egg hunt and not found anything. This will be their first molt ( in their second year now ) and I'm wondering if its the stress of the move meaning they aren't laying or if they've all gone off the lay already? They live in an ark coop overnight ( the same coop they've always had) and free range during the day. Am I doing something wrong??

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Jan 10, 2013
Perth, Australia
Hi, I am in a similar scenario. I bought a point of lay last week from an auction. I've been looking for an egg in the lay box every day. I've put golf balls in there so she knows where to go. I'm not sure if she hasn't quite started yet or if it's moving stress. Mine only free range mostly on the weekend as the days are getting shorter so they dont have much afternoon light left by the time i get home. So if there was an egg i'd find it. However, If yours have free range of your garden everyday maybe she is laying somewhere secret.
Hope you get more eggs soon!

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