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13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Does it take to grow out a turkey? When is the ideal time to get some to grow out for the Holidays. I'm trying to plan for next year. I have chickens now, but want to do turkeys next year. Also, any recommendations on where to get quality Turkey Hatching Eggs? I prefer to hatch my own...
Heritage birds take 8-9 months and broad breasted types take 4-6. Look for eggs locally as turkey eggs don't always ship very well.
Is it possible to raise 4 or 5 turkeys with my egg layers. I am wanting to raise a few for the holidays as well and wanted to know if I can add them to the regular flock once they are a couple of months old.
My personal experience is a heritage bird needs at least 9 months and it still won't be impressive. They really need nearly a year.

Yes, you can raise turkeys with chickens. Call your local ag department to inquire about the volume of black head cases, if it's low you shouldn't have any problems. If there is a high prevalence of black head, you should consider raising them separately.
You could raise them with your egg layers if balckhead is not an issue but they have totally different feed requirements! Your layer hens will be on a 16-17% feed and poults need 28-30% for the first 12 weeks and then a 20% from then on to thrive.

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