how loud are turkeys


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Jan 19, 2011
we want to get a turkey or two this year. but don't how loud they are and don't want to bother my neighbors. the feed store has white and bronze bersted turkeys. can any one let me know if there is a better breed thanks (first time with tukerys)
I've got two heritage birds that i've kept with my 8 chickens for the past 7 months, and they are more vocal than the chooks. Nothing like the rooster that had to meet the frying pan, and not annoying noises, just more persistently vocal than the chickens. I will say that my neighbors (I live on a 2/3 acre lot in the suburb of a large city) were fairly horrified (though they tried not to show it) that I intended to eat the birds they were bringing their kids and grandkids to meet!
Do you plan on eating them? If so, they should be fine as you would process them before they get too loud. If you plan on keeping them long term, i would not get the Broad Breasted White or the Broad Breasted Bronze. They will grow too quickly and start to have problems. I like my Bourbon Reds and I like the Blue Slates also. As far as the noise, the toms can get pretty loud. Everytime mine hear a loud noise (dog barking, car horn, etc.) they will gobble alot. My hens are also kind of loud.
They can be fairly loud and annoying, but not in the same way as chickens, namely roosters crowing or hens squawking. The toms gobble at any and all noises, but generally just puff and strut when all is quiet. Turkey hens talk back and forth to each other, but in little conversations, and not all the time. The only thing I would worry about being noisy for the neighbors is the toms gobbling.

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