how loud are your chickens?

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  1. This past weekend I saw coops at two different friends houses and the difference was night and day. At one buddies mother's home were 16 chickens and except for a very occasional crow from her 1 rooster, you'd never know they wre there. At another friends neighbor's house in the mountains I half expected Tarzan to come swinging out of the trees. I never actually saw that coop, but the CLUCKS and CROWS coming from that guys yard was pretty amazing.

    Between my GF and I we have 11 chickens, but 3 are probably roasters so we'll have 4 hens each, and we both live in city limits. I can legally have the chickens, but I rent anddon't want to PO my neighbors, who are both nice elderly guys who I hardly ever see. and I know one of them throws my dogs biskets over the fence. right now I am a renter, it would just be best if nobody was the wiser, or is the whole neighbor hood gonna know I got four hens in my backyard.!?
    The hens are: delaware, Rhode Island red, silverlace wyandot, ameracana, barred rock,
    the ???roosters: silver sebright banty and 2 purchased as "jungle fowl" all st run
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    When I was a kid I had a couple seabrites as pets, I dont remember them being loud at all, the rooster did crow but it didnt seem very loud... as I recall 30 years later.

    Now we have (4) 7 week olds and they dont seem very loud either. They seem to make noise at bedtime, and a couple other times during the day, but you really need to be right near them to notice it.

    I imagine that they would sound alot louder if we lived in a wooded area or somewhere else that was very quiet, But here in the burbs theres plenty of other noises all day (and Night :mad: ) I could probably set a mic in there and put them through my stereo and no one around here would notice haha

    I think I have fairly quite breeds though?
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    Apr 27, 2007
    Oh, we are thinking of getting a wyndotte, how are they as far as noise compared to the rest of yours, are some more quiet then others in your flock?
    I should add, I live on 1/4 acre and they are at the back corner of the lot.
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  4. mine are all in the 5-6 week range now, still peep-peep, but pullethood is coming. If the three turn out to be roosters, they will "live" up to their names-Drumstick, Frier, and Omlette(maybe should change toWebber???)
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    Apr 27, 2007
    Mine still make a few peep peeps, but they make alot of other noises now, they just arnt terribly loud about it.
    Cluck cluck, prrr, some noises I cant describe(or identify yet)and an occasional sorta squawk as they chase each other.

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