How lpong are fertile eggs viable?


11 Years
Dec 28, 2008
Nampa, Idaho
I want to incubate some eggs but my chickens only produce a few each day. Can they be saved up for a few days before putting them in the incubator? Also is there anything I should do to help them keep?
Hens lay eggs until they have 6 to 10 in their clutch before setting so yeah, two weeks. But
The fresher, the better.
Mahroni is right up to 2 weeks isn't uncommon, but fresher is better. I've hatched older but the odds go way down as do the percentage hatched.
Of course I agree with everyone here. But it doesn't hurt to put older eggs in the incubator they just probably won't develop. I recently put 30 Muscovy eggs in the incubator from my one hen. So some one of these eggs is 30 days old. Just thought it would be an interesting experiment. Well on day 14 I candled and 22 were developing. I tossed the other 8. I by no means feel that all of these will hatch but who knows?! I think its neat that I am incubating a 22 day old egg and its developing the same as the rest of them so far!

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