how many bags of feed to grow a duck to 8weeks


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
In your experience how many bags of feed do you feed 10 duckling that well be used as egg layers to the age of 8weeks old .
I ask this because chick start is the most pricy feed and I want to know how much it well cost before I can switch to a cheaper grower
I want to know if this well be profitable or not
I use purina Flock Raiser and I have 10 ducks and a goose.
I went through about 50lbs every 3 weeks for the first 8 weeks. Now they are going on 10 weeks (7 weeks for the goose) and they eat about 50lbs every 2- 2 1/12 weeks. Purina Flockraiser is about $20 for a 50lb bag.
A couple of bags sounds like what we went through with eleven Runners. But I went through one bag of turkey-waterfowl starter, then slowly switched to a grower feed at 2 to 3 weeks of age.

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