how many birds in our coop?


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May 8, 2013
I know it's a difficult question but bear with me. We live on the gulf coast of texas so our weather is relatively mild with very few truly cold or freezing days. Most of our winter is around 50*. It's the heat that's the worst with a couple months in the summer usually upper 90s or over 100. So that's our climate.

Our birds typically free range all day long or at the very least from lunchtime on. And we have several acres so plenty of space there.

Hubby is building a new hen house b/c our old one was here when we moved in and not very nice. Very small and difficult to work with. So he's building one that is 96 sq ft - I *believe 12'x8' plus 7' tall. He plans to have 2 levels of nesting boxes and lots of roosting space. I don't know how many nesting boxes but I believe he is planning on at least 6, but maybe 8. I'm not sure.

We are hoping for about 20 hens and 2 roosters. I'm curious is this sounds reasonable for space for that many birds - who would mostly only be in the hen house at night. Our enclosed run is only 300 sq ft but they wouldn't spend much time there except in the mornings before we get up to let them out into the yard.

Just trying to make sure we have enough room for the amount of birds we want. Thanks!

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