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Oct 31, 2012
I really like eggs and got 2 chickens but have realized many people have 5 to10 chickens at a time. how many should i have is 2 enough? also just for opinion, chickens or ducks, or both?
Depends on how many eggs you want and how much room you have and how much chicken poop you want to deal with! I have 8 girls under one year that are laying, and I have been getting about 6 eggs per day. Now that the days are shorter, they are not so consistent. Only 4 today and yesterday. One girl went broody for a while and didn't lay for about 3 weeks.

After they turn 2 years, the egg production will slow down quite a bit. Also consider that some breeds are much more productive layers than others.

As for ducks, they are cute as can be, but are messier and a bit more work providing a dunking pool. There are some breeds that are good egg layers. They can be compatible with chickens, but know that if a drake mates with a chicken, he can kill her (incompatible anatomy).
Turkeys are fun too you can eat their eggs and they are only as big as a large chicken egg. If you decide you don't want them there is thanksgiving dinner right handy
I have 5 Salmon Faverolles and 2 Dorking's. For some reason there on a laying spree. I have been getting 7 to 9 eggs a day(more than normal because some lay in the middl of night an I can't collect until 5 pm every day) this has been going on for 3 weeks. I feel bad because they haven't taken a break. I'm also planing on getting 3-5 more chickens, each a different type.
I can say, the more chickens/poultry, the more food they will eat. My roosters were the worst. I also find I have to clean the straw under the roosts every few days.
There really fun, it really depends what all you want.
I was thinking about getting more chickens I have 2. But what does everybody do with so many? If each chicken lays at least 4 eggs a week what do people do with so many eggs?
Some people who have a lot of birds will sell eggs. I have 5 hens. 3 greats layers and 2 so so layers. With only 2 people in my family we end up with lots of extras but not really enough to sell. I give them away to friends, neighbors and family from time to time. I also feed raw eggs to my dogs. Very healthy treat if you have dogs - mine even eat the shell.

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