How many blackberries can chickens have at a time?


Apr 30, 2016
I picked around 40 cups of blackberries yesterday and this morning! I've been freezing them but the freezer is getting full! I have never had this many blackberries before! Would it be okay to feed my flock of 60 chickens 20 cups at a time? Thanks! ( this is the biggest blackberry so far)
I don't see a problem with that amount since you have a large number of birds.
Just be sure they have their normal feed and water.
They may not eat 20 cups at once but if your birds like them, they'll certainly make a good dent in it!
LOL, envisioning runny purple poop! ha ha!
Glad you have been able to get so many berries this year! That's amazing!
My hens love blackberries, but my duck would die for them!! If you have ducks, I mash them up slightly. Chooks can pull and peck pieces off. I think they'll love them but, yes, keep normal feed and water nearby.
Awesome! a fresh treat for some pretty girls.
You could also freeze berries in a bowl of water, then dump it upside down in an old pie tin or cake pan for them.
Great way to beat the heat as well as get a treat!
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