How many chickens and roosters can I have?

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I have a 112sqft coop with a 200 sqft run and about 2/3rds of an acre. If chickens should have 4sqft per chicken, then I can have 28 chickens. But I have enough room to have perches that are 8ftx6.5ft and with each chicken having a sqft on the perch, I can have 46 chickens. So I'm wondering how I decide to know how many chickens I can have? They will be outside during the day, then have their run locked up which has a small opening to their coop. I live in WA so it gets dark at around 5-6p.m in the winter time. On average in the winter time here it's 40 degrees. If I can have 46 chickens, how many roosters can I have with them?
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    I would stay with the 28, or less. Remember, the more space they have, the happier they are, the more forage each can find, and the less likely you are to have pecking or feather pullling problems. Those numbers are intended to be the least space they will tolerate without attacking each other -- and there is still no guarantee.

    Roosters depends a lot on their personality. Twowill probably be fine, and one of them will be the dominant one. More than that is iffy.

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