How many chickens per coop?


6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Hi! I have an old shed that I am transforming into a coop, it is approx 10ft x 8ft. I am adding shelves to increase surface area for laying, as I want to increase my number of birds. They are only in the coop and night and we have a large fenced in area for them to roam during the day (25ft x 25ft). I may even start to let them roam the yard once the dogs get used to them. What is the maximum number of birds you would put in the coop?
We just built an 8 x 10 coop with the intent of housing no more than 20 birds. Our nesting boxes are on the exterior which allows us a bit more interior space. I have large breeds, could house more if they were bantams.

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