How many chickens will fit in my coop?

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    Mar 7, 2012
    I have one coop already but im looking to expand and build a 10' by 12' foot coop and i was wondering how many will comfortably fit...And as long as I have a thread up how many boxes should I have in a coop of around 30...And I guess I should ask if anyone has an idea why my chicks start developing in my incubator and then die in the earlier stages? Thanks

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    Um, chickens will share nest boxes, about 3-5 chickens per box.

    You need to tell us how they will be living, if they have a predator proof enclosed run attached to the coop and they will have access to it there is different requirements.

    If they will be locked in during deep snow or hurricanes or every night till someone gets up then each chicken needs more room.

    Above is mine
    the run is 12*20*8, the covered are is 12*12*8, the coop is 3*5*3

    mine have access to the run at all times, they stay in the coop in windy weather and cold weather and outside in nice weather at night, they are all outside except when laying or broody during the day.

    I don't incubate often I let the birds do that- but when I had problems it was humidity issues or hotspots. (corrected now, nice LG with a fan)
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    With a 10 by 12 foot coop, that is 120 square feet. You should have 4 square feet of space per chicken, so you can have 30 chickens in that coop. In addition to that coop space, they need run space during the day.

    The recommended number of nesting boxes is one box for every 4 chickens. I think you would be fine with 7 nesting boxes, though.

    You might have a malfunctioning incubator. It is difficult to say.
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