How many chickens will this coop be suitable for?


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Hi Everyone
I'm new to the forum & super excited to be getting some chickens on the weekend!

Can someone please let me know how many highland brown hens they think will fit in this coop? I have quite a large secure run for them (22ft long x 4ft wide) They will only be in the coop at night time or if they want to wander in throughout the day, of course.

The measurements shown are in cms as I'm in the lovely AUSTRALIA. If it helps 30cm is 1ft

Thanks so much!

Thanks for your help!
Welcome to BYC from West Tennessee !

2 to 4 square feet in the coop for standard size is the range. This late at night I well let you do the math.. Search the forum for "Square feet per chicken" Plenty of reading there... I have an 8x8x10 coop and have 35 or so birds in there now with out any problems.. I have a large run and 5 acres for them to run on when I let them out..

Good Luck !
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