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    Apr 19, 2019
    New member. I have 140 sq. ft. shed converted to the coop, attached to a 14'x3' dog run. Both open to the yard for chicken day access, 38' x 23', that will be net covered and predator proofed. I have read a lot about it, but am looking for opinions on how many chickens I can keep?
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    Figure 4 square feet per chicken (3' for bantams) in shed and 1 foot of roost per chicken (8" bantams). You could have more chickens in that shed as long as you have enough roost space. But that is figuring they will have a large run with access from sunrise to sunset daily.
    10 square feet minimum per chicken in covered pen (dog run) per chicken, for days when weather is wet or snowy, and can't free range.
    If you have constant rain or frequent snow storms, run size should be doubled or tripled (20 to 30 square feet per chicken) and covered, with wind protection in cold or windy areas.
    My opinion.

    I have 7 chickens in a raised coop 22.5 square feet 3 square feet per chicken, but I have two 6 foot roosts.
    They have a 100 square foot covered pen (with access from sunrise to sunset daily) and it's barely enough. I'm looking to triple pen size.
    With most breeds of chicken, more room equals happier chickens. GC
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    If you go by the 4/10 'rule of thumb'.... about 35 birds.

    But think not about how many birds you can fit in to a space,
    rather how many birds do you really need?
    The more space they have, the better and you can only eat so many eggs.
    Good to leave some space open to add new birds each year for fresh layers.
    That is if your goal is to harvest eggs.

    What is your goal in having chickens?

    Oh, and.....Welcome to BYC! @lburgar
    Where in this world are you located?
    Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
    Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
    It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!
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    If you want eggs to eat with a few extra to give away, then consider your family size and needs. Eggs can be frozen for baking with. I find mine quit laying just as I need more eggs for holiday baking.

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