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    Mar 7, 2011
    I'm building a coop/run/tractor the coop it self will be 6x6 maybe 6x8 the run will be 16ft long 6ft tall either 6ft or 8ft wide and I will be able to move it around. How many chickens could a coop like this house and everyone be Comftorable.
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    A 6x6 coop will hold about 9 standard sized chickens comfortably and the 6x8 will hold about 12 comfortably.
    It also depends on your location since if you're in a location that has very cold winters, you will not want to go over that number.
    If you live in a tropical area year round, you could add a few more birds.
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    Jun 2, 2011
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    Rule of thumb I was told is min 2 sq ft per bird in a coop and 4 sq ft for a run. I have found this to be far undersized.
    My coop is about 12 sq ft, and while it hold my four hens nicely, six will be rather snug. My run is 24 sq ft, and is way undersized for my four hens, even after giving away the aggressive one. I am planning on extending the run to be 20' by 7' so I can increase my flock to 6 birds, and I can only get away with that by letting them out into the yard to forage for a few hours each evening, breaking local ordinance.
    My advice is to go big. Just like with decks and patios(I'm a carpenter, and I build those), I have never heard a customer complain about their deck being too big, but they have complained about it being too small. Make your coop much bigger than you think you need. And if it turns out you have more than enough room for your hens, then you have room for more. And we all know the number you start out with will not be enough, and next spring you will be getting more.
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    I agree with the crazy looking guy in the top hat. Plus Im from Texas so size matters

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