how many chicks can i fit

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  1. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    how many chicks can keep in a large 20 gal rubber maid bin?
    im ordering 30, but im only keeping all 30 of them in their for 2 days until i can send 23 of them off to my friend who is splitting the order with me. will this be ok
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  2. boxermom

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Not very many. They grow too fast!
  3. fastpat

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    Quote:You need at least half a square foot per young chick, increasing to one square foot per chick as they grow older. They get larger very rapidly. For the two days you'll need at least 15 square feet, do you have that?
  4. 4 luv of eggs

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    I have six 6 week olds in a 50 gallon tote and they need to get in their coop this weekend. They are very cramped right now and are getting cranky. They DO grow very fast. Almost mutantly fast.[​IMG]
  5. coldinnh

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    May 13, 2010
    We just got our chicks frm a hatchery on Monday (think they were two-three days old). We have them in a box (27 - lost one first day) less than 24" x 24" I had put them in a larger container but the group appeared to be cold (yes I am a first time Mom and am consistantly checking) I moved them back to the box last night (night 3) and they appeared happier (they were quiter and actually slept). They still huddle for warmth. (My husband wanted to put them outside in a ol coop he used when he was a kid 30yr ago but we had frost the three nights).

    Can I get away with this box for another week- the chicks can move away from the lamp if they need to? But I am worried and have seen signs of stress or boredom or establishing a pecking order already... the chicks (mostly pullets possibly one male) peck at the sides of the box, their feet and each other.

    I noticed that both of one's chick eyes are closed and she won't open them... they is no blood or discharge from the eye and when I took her out she was content to sleep on my chest and hands- not interested in water (had plenty of poop, I did have to clean some hardened poop from her bum at first) or food. when I put her in the box with the others she stumbles a bit when bumped... how concerned do I need to be? Should I seperate the offenders or her? There is another one with only one eye closed shut.. same thing?

    Should I handle the chicks this young or am I adding to the problem with my scent? What age should I introduce them to their uncle my cat? (He is an avid provider of treats, moles, voles, etc.)

    Should I give treats to those that are being picked on? It appears that they are the runts of the litter.

    Help- frustered first time Momma Hen...[​IMG]

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