How many chicks to get


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Raleigh NC
Hey, I got 4 chicks last week at a chicken auction. 2 silkies and 2 brahman (sp). I wonder if I should get more cause what if more than half are roos. I live in Raleigh and only want 4-5 hens cause of limited space. Do I get a few more just in case? I do want to get more..... shhhhh don't tell my husband.

I just
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If you want more then get more. You could always raise the roos up until they get enough meat on them and butcher them. Unless I buy a chick from a hatchery that has been sexed, I usually get half males and half females buying them locally.
How many chickens do you want to wind up with? Take that number and mutiply by 3, add 4 more and buy lots of food. And bedding. And a couple of waterers.

Then you will have the exact right number after the roos are sent to freezer camp

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