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Mar 31, 2008
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Having just read the cutest story under the breed list, about Buff Orps (with pictures) it said that she got 5 chicks last year from McMurray Hatchery. The photo even showed a shipping box with 5 chicks in it. I checked their website and you have to buy a minimum of 25 chicks. Is there some way to get less than the min?

I sure wish there was some way they could keep the chicks warm (even if it cost a bit more shipping) for those of us who just want a tiny neighborhood flock and can't have so many chickens!


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Jan 8, 2008
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There are other hatcheries that offer less than 25 chicks. Cackle is one, their minimum is 15.

There's one more that uses a heat pack in the box for warmth. You do pay extra for small orders.

Just be careful you read their shipping fine print. Some say you can order any number you want. But if you read the fine print they add cockerels in for warmth. So you still end up with 25 birds.


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There are several places you can buy less than 25 chicks.

Ideal This one has a minimum of $25 including shipping. You can pay a small insurance fee if you don't want males added for warmth.

My pet chicken You can order as few as 3 from this place if you live near a major airport.

Meyer Hatchery They have a small order plan.

Im sure there are others out there too.
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Apr 6, 2008
That is the problem I had. I wanted Australorps and they were sold out or a hatch date in the middle of May. I did not want 25 chickens either so that was a problem too. I know I called Mypetchicken and they will send out 3 or more but if you get under 15 you get charged an extra $25. So, what I decided to do was go through my local feed store. I could order as many or as few as I wanted. I just had to settle with what they were ordering. They were not ordering Black Australorps so I had to give up the breed I wanted the most. I am getting 10 chicks May16th and I will go pick them up so no shipping! I am getting 4 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 EE'ers! I am happy with that. Maybe one day I will have Balck Australorps, just not this season.

So, you may want to try a local feed store to get your small nimber of chicks!

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