How many days between eggs?

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  1. Let me preface this by saying that my girls have not stopped laying this winter and we don't use any supplemental light. I have 13 (BO, BR, EEs, PR), and on average, we're getting about 7 + eggs a day; some are still laying daily while some of the others are doing every other day. On Monday, I got 12 eggs.

    I am not sure if the girl (BO) in question laid an egg, although she was in the nesting box all day. And then when they were out in the yard, she was hunkered down and not very active, but not ruffled. She clearly wasn't acting normal, and I was going to leave her alone. Then she left this bloody stuff : ; I've given updates.

    I gave her another bath last night, felt up there and lubed her up. I'm pretty sure I went to the right place (going up and not down); I didn't feel anything in her vent and her abdomen feels fine. I've felt her all over and don't feel anything anywhere like an egg.

    My question is- how long can they go between eggs if they have been semi-regularly laying (As far as we know, she was previously giving us an egg every 2 to 3 days; I am pretty sure she's the one who will periodically lay a really bloody egg) without them being egg bound or internally laying?

    Does anyone have experience with expelled ovaries? The last few days, she's been in and out of the nesting box in the brooder, spinning and making her spot, and her vent will periodically look like she wants to lay. But no egg. And she's acting totally normal otherwise- eating, drinking, and pooing just fine.

    Because her butt is bald and I have one (another BO) who continues plucking with her peepers on, I'm thinking about switching them out (and bringing the plucker in), but I was really hoping to get an egg first to make sure the plumbing is working right. She's been inside which means eyes on her literally nearly 100% of the time.


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