how many eggs before hen goes broody--

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  1. how many eggs do I have to keep in the next box before my game hen goes broody..... so far she has 6 in there
  2. No telling, it`s always up to the individual. Age, brood experience, etc, etc. Game hens are real good, but the number could be anything from here on. Good luck. Oh yeah, be sure to protect the eggs from freezing.
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    That depends on the hen. No two are alike. She'll set when she feels there are enough eggs. Some chickens never go broody and others won't until two or three years of age.
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    I usually mark a couple of eggs and leave them in the nest.Take the other eggs she lays and put them in a safe place and when she go's broody take the old eggs out and set her with the new ones. If she's the broody type anywhere from 10 to 15.
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    I'd recommend using fake eggs, like golf balls, plastic easter eggs, wooden eggs instead of leaving raw eggs that can go bacterial and explode.

    There is no guarantee any hen will go broody no matter how many eggs you have under her. I wish it were that easy.
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    No amount of eggs will make or cause a hen go broody. They either park their butts in a nest or don't. A broody hen will brood on an empty nest if she decides she wants to set.
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    i guess my two game hens are in the broody mood. they've quit laying eggs and sit on my other two girl's eggs. What can i do to get them to snap out of it? i don't have a rooster, so there's no chance they will hatch babies, now what?
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    You can try pulling her off the nest, and closing her up in a bare dog cage or some such (open wire kind, so it's not anything like a nest) for most if not all the day. Giving her water and feed of course... by keeping her away from a nest it -might- dissuade her. It can be within the coop, but not near the nests.... You may have to do it several days in a row, you can put her up on the roost at night... It might work, might not.

    Or you could get some fertile eggs and let them hatch em! [​IMG]

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