How many eggs can a Buff Orpington hatch?


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How many eggs can a Buff Orpington hatch? If I was to order eggs what are the chances of her hatching them? How many could I put under her?

I am a hatchoholic I think!!!!

I have had one that is acting a little broody-ish. But then she hops off the nest and acts normal for a while? I don't get it. Anyway, while she was on the nest she was covering 10 eggs with no problems. I think she could easily handle a dozen, and maybe even up to 14. If they were bantam eggs, and she is a large hen (being a buff orpington, she should be! lol) she could easily handle 16 bantam eggs, and 12-14 regular sized eggs. Good luck with her! And please cross your fingers that mine gets a little more serious! LOL
P.S. Be sure that she is in a deep nest. She can handle more if the nest is deep. I hadn't even thought of that until I read it on here recently, can't remember which thread it was though.
I breed minature silkies (I call them minature becuase they are smaller than bantams)
and right now I have one sitting on ten eggs!!! If a tiny Minature silkie can hatch that many, imagine a Buff Orpington!!! Thier secret is to puff up thier feathers.
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