How many eggs can a rooster fertilize in one breeding?

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    This past week has been interesting. I have a rare breed here from Belgium called Malines fowl, big easy birds. Now last week my one and only rooster died. I had some eggs in the incubator and was planning on some more later this year, but due to the circumstances I'm filling the bator up as we go, approx. every 5 days with extra eggs. I have an extra incubator ready for the ones that will be hatching in about 6 days or so. Now I'm a at least a week over the death of the roo and eggs keep turning up fertile, when I candle them after three days in the bator. Does anyone have a clue how long these hens can produce fertilized eggs since there Romeo went to heaven? Or in other words: How many eggs can a rooster fertilize in one breeding?

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    When a rooster does his duty, the hen will take the semen in and store it until she next lays an egg. With this, her eggs can be fertile up to 2-3 weeks. I actually did that once - Had a New Hampshire roo die, so I tried keeping his genetics by taking some eggs fom the only New Hampshire hen he spent time with. Sadly they were all quitters though (he was probably too young) and the next batch of eggs I collected from her were already taken by another rooster. . . The chicks were Easter Egger crosses.

    But, anyway - A hen's eggs can be fertile or 2 or more weeks. [​IMG]

    Oh, and [​IMG]
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    I'm not certain, but I've heard others say that eggs can be fertilized (by one mating) up to three weeks. I hope you are able to raise some chicks to carry on the legacy of Romeo. [​IMG]
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    Thanks Illia and crtrlovr. Just what I needed to know. I will be collecting for another week then. Maximum output is required now! There are some 30 eggs in there already doing very well. First batch will hopefully hatch next week.

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    I have another question: What is a rooster breeds a hen and then another roo comes along and jumps on her while she is still on the ground? Which rooster will be the dad? Thanks.[​IMG]
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    According to the info I just read for the kids to study for the State Poultry Days the semen can live in a hen for up to four weeks. Good luck with the hatching.

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