How many eggs did you get in 2011?


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Dec 26, 2009
Rock Hill SC
I've been keeping track of the eggs I get every day throughout the year and write it on my calender, I started last year with 11 laying hens and added 11 more chicks in March which started to lay in late July. I ended up with a total of 2928 eggs in 2011, how many eggs did you get from how many hens last year?
5 hens (hatched late April 2009).
One died Sept. 2011, so we had only 4 til the year-end.

In 2011, all together, they laid a total of 672 eggs.
oh!... home-grown fresh eggs are the best! wifey needed a visual to convince her so i cracked a store bought egg next to one of my eggs... BOOyAH!! the proof was in the pudding. hit home for the both of us... the fresh egg was richer in color... 'denser' more orange than pale yellow and the shell wasn't pourous or thin... there was a nice 'crack' sound right before it went in to frying pan.... yummmmmmmmm over easy yum yum
i dont' think i can go back to the store bough eggs... i was just reading the old egg cartons and i guess they ship these eggs to me in cali from....... Minnesota...? yuk

anywho... pretty impressive numbers on the egg count gang... so looking forward to egg counting in 2012! best wishes to yall
My 10 girls were born May 17th. I got my first egg on October 30th. Since then I have gotten 26 dozen plus 6 eggs in 2011. That comes to 318 eggs -- not counting the shell-less or broken few.

Delicious? That's for sure! I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy store bought again.

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