How many eggs do seramas usually lay?

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    One of my hens laid an egg today. I was wondering how many eggs they usually lay in a year and how many they usually sit on?
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    Our Serama girls will usually lay 4 to 5 eggs each per week. Each hen will lay for about 3 weeks and then take a month off and it goes in rotation like that all year. But then our girls also love to go broody. We have three that will all want to go broody at the same time and set on the same batch of eggs. The other four girls are not overly broody. Each hen will set on ten to twelve eggs so we can have up to 36 eggs in one nest with three girls setting on them. They are very good mothers and extremely protective of their chicks. They will go broody on average about 5 times a year.
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