How many eggs does your family eat in a month?

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  1. Jkioneil

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    Apr 29, 2010
    So our family loves eggs! I mean hello chickens in the back yard...[​IMG] we kinda would have to right? But we eat a copious amount of eggs. This evening as my 10 year old gobbled down what looked liked a half dozen, (probably only four) then was surprised when he could not have fifths, then asked if we could have the same thing for breakfast, we got to talking..

    Big family but 2 of our kids have flown the coop and so with a family of 6 we go through about 10 dozen a month. Maybe more if I am baking a lot. What about you?

    How many in your family?

    How many eggs a month?

    ooo and what do you make the most with them.... is there something your family always asks for?

    Can't wait to see the answers!!![​IMG]

    mmmm I love me some eggs!!![​IMG]

  2. rebelcowboysnb

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    Just me, I eat 4 eggs a day so I cover your 10 dozen a month by my self for breakfast. Then I boil about 12 eggs a month an company takes care of another 12 eggs a month. So around 13 dozen.
  3. debilorrah

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    Between cooking and eating we go through at least 6 dozen a month. At a minimum.
  4. Sunnysimplelife

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    Mar 20, 2012
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    We are a family of six and I would say 6-7 dozen a month at least and more when we are baking in the winter. I hope with four hens we don't have to buy any but we will see.
  5. Depending on the time of year, 20 to 24 dozen a month. Yes you read that correctly.I cook a lot.
  6. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    2 dozen a month.
    I guess we might average 4 eggs per week.A bit more when dh is home.Mostly I sell to neighbors,trade for something,or gift the eggs.Since the oven is broke (been months) no baking has really decreased our egg use.
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  7. 4 people, two young teens, and 2 adults
    Eggs eaten in a day: approximately 5
    Week: 35
    Month: ALOT!
    Cooking: Scrambled, omelets, burrito, boiled, cakes, brownies, cookies, sweet deserts, dinner rolls...

  8. albert w

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    Feb 6, 2012
    My family of six (2 adults, kids' ages 14, 10, 7, 3) go through maybe 60 eggs per month. This includes any cake mixes, French toast etc.
  9. speckledhen

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    Just my DH and myself go through about 200 per month. He eats 4-6 every day for breakfast by himself. I don't eat them every day, but when I do, I eat 2 along with his, plus the few we use in cooking/baking.
  10. chicklover16

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    Jun 3, 2011
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