How many eggs should I get?


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Aug 13, 2008
SO I am patiently awaiting my girls first eggs but I was wondering if anyone can tell me on average how many eggs/hen you get with a Barred Rock? I have 3 girls so I am hoping for like 3 a week/bird? Is that right? What is y'alls average for a BR?
I don't know how many eggs BR's lay on a weekly basis, but yearly I have seen/heard estimates of 170 to 220 yearly, so that would average 3 to 4 eggs a week.
I have 7 BRs they are 20 weeks old and only one has given me 1 egg so far. I hope they give 4 a week... that would give me 28/ week.
I do not have a BR, I have a silkie laying and I was told about 3 a week... she's laid about 5 a week religiously and last week gave me 7 straight days! I would say if you are content with 3, you'll probably get more. I've heard they would give more then a Banty would.
I only have one bird laying so far
, and it is a BR. She started about a month ago, and we have gotten an egg every day for the last 17 days or so. I expect her to be taking a day off soon.
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