How many feathers does a hen normally lose?


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Colbert, WA
I have been seeing quite a few feathers in the coup, I believe that most are coming from my splash cochin with the feathered legs. All the hens are about 9 months old so I didn't think they would be molting yet? Any advice or suggestions? Do chickens shed feathers like humans and dogs shed hair? Sorry for the silly question, I am a newbie.
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I've seen differing degrees of molt. Some look almost naked, others you wouldn't know they were molting but for all the feathers you find.

Good luck.
She may be going through a mini-molt. Some of my chickens did in the 7 to 9 month range. It's no way near as bad as their 18 month molt when they looked plucked.

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