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May 1, 2011
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Presently, I have 29 chicks and plan to negotiate down to 15. (Hopefully, the make up of the flock will be 7 Black Australorps, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 3 Barred Rock, and 2 Rhode Island Reds, but I am still not sure how many roosters are included in my Black Australorps.) Anyway, I have been tossing different ideas around as to the type of feeder I will use when the flock is settled and they are mostly grown. I have seen a lot of different ideas on BYC, including homemade feeders and store-bought feeders that are not really intended for chickens. One of those is the pig feeder that hangs on the wall and holds about 10 lbs. of feed. With 15 hens, I am afraid one feeder will not be enough to keep the fussing down when they are eating, but I am not at all sure about that. My main goal is to make sure they are well provided for, but I would like to conserve floor space. As you can see in the pictures at the link below, I am using the floor space under the roost for the chick feeders, but when they start using the roost, that will have to change. So, with that in mind, how many feeders and/or what kind would you suggest I use for 15 hens?
you could always move your feed and water under the ledge that leads to your smaller area or put a dropping board under your roost and put them under there. I have a regular 30 pound feeder and a 5 gallon poultry waterer. You can check out what it looks like here. This was before we put in the roost when they were still babies, but the roost now sits 6 inches above the droppings board.
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I had actually thought of that, but I want to keep the feed and water up higher to keep the hens from wasting as much feed. I have heard keeping it at least as high as their back does wonders for that particular problem.
I have a piece of plastic gutter (10') under the poop hammock along one wall that I fill daily with the appropriate amount f food to be eaten before discourage rodents from visiting at night. I currently have a 5-gallon bucket with nipples (has a toilet float valve and keep it connected to hose when weather is not below 25 degrees) for water that hangs from a hook in the rafter. I hope to connect a rain barrel to a length of PVC with nipples if the weather ever allows me to work outdoors this year! Anyway, both the feeder and the waterer do not really use any floor space and seem to provide plenty of opportunity for all to eat and drink as needed. Right now we have 22 hens and 20 pullets in the 8 x 10 shed. Its pushing the limits of space, feeders, and waterers at the moment. But within 4 weeks the hens will be re-homed and I will be left with just the pullets...about the same number as we keep each year.
I agree with the other posts. I use 4-40# feeders, 1-30#, 1-20# and 2-7# (for the chicks), but I have over 100 birds.
This is one of my coops with 2 of the 40# feeders.

I use this coop for my breeders.
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Thanks for replying, cmom. It sounds like one 10# feeder would do just fine for my 15 hens. I just need to figure out where to hang it.
Tats a great idea about the float valve in the bucket. I was thinking about hooking up an automatic feeder from a rainbarrel. You answered my question. Thanks!

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